Sunday, July 4, 2010

A bit more of what I fancy.

Hello blog chics. I've been visiting with the South Island reles this week, who have come North on the occasion of the Cooper's Birthday. (Mouse hat and mittens Cooper).
That's been fun as always, and I'm very thrilled that both my busy sisters in law read Magpie Chic. It's very humbling to know that actual people I know are reading it and enjoying it.
Hello Trish and Kaye, I'm waving at you LOL! And Aunty Doreen and Aunty Kathy and YMFV (your mother's friend Val).

So here is the work in progress shot from the pinni, showing all the intricate detail. I just love it, and am wearing it HEAPS. Thank you Mum!

Now this is not me unfortunately. It's the rather elegant Italian model on the pattern cover - more's the pity.
Here's the rather less elegant Magpie Chic modelling same. The Magpie cat is trying to sit on me, as usual. I have to do that thing with your fingers that Crocodile Dundee did to control kangaroos. It works on magpie cats too, if you know what you're doing. If you don't do with the right kind of heading dog strong eye tactics it won't work, and you'll just get sat on. I've been practicing for years to get such a good hit rate. All those years of watching "a dog's show" on the telly payed off. (A Dog's Show was a television show devoted entirely to dog trialing here in the 70s and 80s. )Now that's my kind of reality TV! And of course years of watching real heading dogs like Flo and Bess, who were the best at it and lived very long and productive heading dog lives. Except that Flo got kicked by a cranky horse and lost an eye, but she was still so good and canny, even with one eye.

Remember those cute little flowers that Emily from Ravenhill did a tutorial about? I blogged about them here. And here is another way I wear the flower brooch I made from Emily's tutorial.

A few of you have asked about the pattern for the tea cosy. It's from a very old book.

They refer to it first being printed in 1951.

If anyone wants the pattern, just email me.

I've also finally got around to fixing up this deck chair that had broken, and given it a new cover.

Cowboys of course!

Has already come in very useful in my newly made over cowboy bedroom.
When the cowboy was home from uni last week to see
"she who is proficient at separating eggs" in Oliver,
it was used as a receptacle for the stacking of dialysis equipment!

Progress in the granny square department. I now have five completed blocks in the granny blanket. I leave the wool and the crochet hook out all the time, hoping that the magpie cat might do the odd bit, but it never happens. All she does is sit on the work in progress. Because that's what cat's do!

There may be fairies in my garden, but there are certainly no elves running round at night finishing off granny squares!

Until next time blog chics...


  1. Who else would like the lovely Jacqui to stand up while modeling her new pinny? Last time you were bending over while showing us and now you are sitting! I'm quite sure it looks lovely front on lol.

    Your granny squares are looking so neat and pretty. Very impressive indeed. Are they synthetic yarns? The sit much nicer than my pure wool ones. But then again I'm not an experienced crochet girl yet. Your tea cozy is fantastic, I love the top bits.

  2. I can't express in words how gorgeous and inspiring your blog is. That pinny is AMAZING!! as is the tea cozy and the flower brooch and the cowboy chair....

  3. I think the pinny looks even better on you! Can I come and live at your house, it all looks so inviting! I would love that pattern even though I probably won't have the ability to make it! I have a house full of things I want to learn how to do! I am not sure how to email you. So here is mine Have a lovely weekend! Suzie xxxx

  4. Adorable cuties in the entire post!! The tea cozy is fabulous!! Lori


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