Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'd Do Anything...

At the moment I'm enjoying watching Andrew Lloyd Webber
and Graham Norton audition the Nancy's on the UK edition of I'd Do Anything.
We had our own version of it here in Hawera about 4 months ago when "she who is proficient at separating eggs" went to Nancy School and got down to the last three!
I think they had similar sing offs, but only the director was allowed to vote people off!
And there are a few lovely characters just as wonderful as Graham Norton at the Hawera Repertory Society! Mostly they play the role of the Dame in the pantomimes LOL.

I was first invited to become a makeup lady about ten years ago when my kids were dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. They had gummed on beards and all.
What a fag that was getting them off!
So apparently once a makeup lady always a makeup lady
as far as Hawera Rep are concerned.
So I get a behind the scenes look at all the productions;
all of which "she who is proficient at separating eggs" takes part in with great gusto!
This time she's the rose seller who gets to sing "Who will Buy...".
So that is her moment of glory, and I'm looking forward to it.
Am not tempted to sneak beyond the green room and take a peak at the dress rehearsals.
I want to see the real thing with all the bells and whistles!

I know she looks like a circus clown, but under the lights it looks perfectly normal. Honest!
You get used to the fact that they have to look hideous in the green room
in order to be seen at all under lights.

I don't think I've put any lippy on yet, but other than that, she's ready to go.
Oompapa and all that!
What - Fistycuffs even?
I tell you, you gotta watch your wallet in the green room when Dodge is about!
Actually Dodge is gorgeous and I remember him when he was about five and I was teacher aiding at his school. He's perfect for the part.
I'm counting sleeps till I go to Oxford now blog chics!
Have a good week.
You just know I'm going to be the one that most resembles the Sweedish Chef from the Muppets!
Wonder if I'll get a prize for that?

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  1. Ahhh, the artful dodger, and such like! Wonderful! She who is proficient at seperating eggs looks lovely indeed! Suzie xxx


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