Monday, June 7, 2010

Re-arranging my Sewing Room - because I can!

I've been pondering the great philosophies too, because I read somewhere, "I knit, therefore I am," which appealed very much. But I can never remember which "ism" it's referencing. Nihilism, existentialism? I just get them all mixed up.


So I found this little abandoned tea trolley at the Sallies the other day. It was some kind of toxic algal bloom blue/green colour, but it had the most marvellous partitions on the top for holding things, and all it's wheels applied, and I thought, what a brilliant sewing trolley that would make. If I had that, I would actually have room to move at my sewing table. So I bought it home, and gave it the antique white USA treatment.

It's brilliant. Everything fits perfectly!

Even my favourite sunshine yellow op-shop bunny.

I knit, therefore I am.


  1. soooo beautiful xx what a dream land studio to be yourself and create in ;0)xx

  2. What a brilliant Tea trolley, and just perfect for your workroom, I love what you have done with it. In fact I love your workroom too, Love the colours, and that chair...oooh! Can I pop round for a cup of tea? Suzie xxxx

  3. What a great find and your sewing room is so pretty. kind regards, Shirley


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