Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Image Fairy Pays a Visit.

You know how I love to start projects... I've been captivated by the Altered Art Circus book I bought the other week, and I've left all the knitting and the stitching and the crochet Granny squares in a neglected heap while I turned the kitchen table into a bomb site with hot glue guns, glitter, all sorts of bits and bobs and started on my altered art project. I'm sort of pleased with it. Of course I wanted it to be fantastic and perfect like the one in the book. It has potential I think...

Hubby drilled the holes for me in the picture frames, so that they actually came out in the right places, and I didn't have to throw the whole thing away in disgust because the holes weren't right. Lucky he knows me so well and just offered, in a gesture of goodwill (or was that damage limitation?) to do it for me. Anyhow, the holes are perfectly aligned.

I was inspired by this project in the book. My recipes will be very cup cake related I fear, and so will the collagie stuff. But what fun! I used a copy of a photo of my Grandma as a small child and turned her into a cup cake fairy for the cover.

The lovely lady who wrote the book found my blog post about it last week and left me a lovely comment and advice about where to find more images to use. Don't know weather that was just serendipity or the mysterious powers of google, but find me she did.

I had been making good progress with Val's bag up until the Art Circus bug hit.

Who knows blog chics, next week there may be hats, mittens, bags and altered art completed...
But I think it's unlikely, because I'm off to Jo Seagar's Cook School next week!! I'm so excited. I've been looking forward to it for months. My friend Leigh and I booked it in November.
It will be a girl's weekend, staying in the little cook school B and B in Oxford in the South Island.
It's such a picturesque little village. I love it. However it will be COLD! I am hoping that there is no snow on the roads too, cos I am in charge of the rental car to get us there from Christchurch airport! I have time for at least two long blacks at Christchurch airport before Leigh and Debbie's flights get in too. What more could a girl ask for?
Have a great week ladies :P


  1. I just adore Val's nearly a bag!..I wonder what your grandmother would think about being turned into a cupcake fairy!? How delightful!
    Have a fab time down South. I hope you'll share a recipe or two upon your return : )

  2. How well I can identify with your project bomb site--I plunge into things full throttle. I loved your cover fairy right off. The fact that it's Grandma is so special. I can't wait to see the finished purse! Love how small blogland is that the author found you :)

  3. Ha ha, I am just like you! I start all kinds of things, and then suddenly start something else and everything just gets left in a pile! I love what you have done. I also love that gorgeous bag! Have fun at your cooking school, that sounds wonderful fun. I hope it doesn't snow for you! Suzie xxx

  4. Amazing! Also, thanks for your kind wishes re: the move. I can hardly wait.


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