Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Parcel for Lucy.

A Parcel for Lucy.
I finished the little jacket for Lucy's first birthday just in the nick of time.
It should have arrived on the very day!
I found some suitably feminine vintage looking bits of lace and ribbon
and a little paper flower in just the right colours to adorn the parcel.
Lucy is my great Niece. That doesn't mean I'm old blog chics,
even if I do have Miss Haversham corners in my house!
It just means there is a fifteen year gap between the oldest and youngest siblings in Hubby's family. He has the honour of being the youngest, and therefore the one who got the new bike!!!!

This is the Lucy Jacket.

I lined it with bits of fleece left over from the blanket
I made for her when she was a newborn.
It was difficult to decide weather to put the appliqued cupcakes on the outside or the lining, but in the end I thought it was a bit quirky to have them on the inside,
and the fleece would make a more snuggly lining.

I feel compelled to almost eat this photo!

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Not perfect, but there in lies the inherent "Auntyness" of it all.

I have decided on a knitted hat and matching mittens for Cooper,
and I have 29 days to finish it. And counting ....
What's the bet I'm sewing it up the night before I have to post it LOL?
AND... I've been re-organising my sewing room. Stay tuned :)
Meanwhile, I'm off to that parallel universe of dialysis clinics
and transplant lists for a few days.
But I get to stay with my friend Connie, and do a bit of op shopping in the big smoke.
There's always a silver lining blog chics :P


  1. Oh Jacqui! What a lovely job you did with that beautiful little jacket. I love the way you have done it! Can't wait to see the hat and mittens and your workroom too I hope! I am so nosey!
    I hope it all goes well for you at the clinic, yes these places.. ie. anything hospital or medical are like going into a parallel universe. Still like you say about the silver lining, I hope you have a smashing time with your friend Connie! Lots of love to you! Suzie xxxx

  2. How cute this is! I love the surprise when you open it!


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