Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do the fairies got to sleep in the winter?

Sometimes there are fairies in my garden.

I wonder if they go to sleep in the undergrowth and leaf litter in the winter?
And what do they use for blankets? Spider webs or cocoons of moss I expect.

If I set them tea among the leaf litter, would they peak out from under a nasturtium leaf?

To partake of melting moments and chocolate slice garnished with violas?

It was really too cold for me to take tea in the garden with the fairies.

So I shall never know if they came or not.

Perhaps the magpie cat saw them from her place in the wintry sun.

Or the sparrows from their leafless perch in the peach tree.

Maybe they are still hiding behind the polyanthus, waiting for me to come back .


  1. I,m sure with a table that inviting the little beings would not be able to resist.(even in the cold)

  2. I definitely have fairies in my garden! I love the teapot and that cloth is just too gorgeous, how very inviting, I think that the fairies wouldn't be able to resist! Suzie xxx

  3. If you play the I'm a bea-liever music, the fairies might come out.


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