Monday, July 12, 2010

Icicles and aprons - and what to do with your plastic geraniums.

This morning we awoke to the most amazing frost. It's the most complete freeze that I can remember in thirteen years of living here.

The bird bath was completely frozen over.

So was the Magpie Cat's water.

But there are a few signs that spring is on it's way.

So I have been making aprons and bags.

I just used my lovely Cath Kidston apron as a template, and made the apron up from bits of vintage fabric leftovers, and a few bits of an old tablecloth.

I put a couple of Emily's (Ravenhill) little puffy flowers on it where the straps attach.

And I finally got round to making this Cath Kidston bag pattern that came with the February Issue of Australian Country Style. This is one of my favourite mags. In fact, most month it's between that and NZ House and Garden. I love Victoria too, but it doesn't come very often, and there's not as much in it as Country Style. I used to love British Country Living, and still often buy it, but it's only got two houses featured now, and a lot of Welsh cooking. The July Issue with the afternoon tea party on the cover is lovely though, and I did buy that one.
I also love British Country Homes. It's got more stuff in it than Country Living.
Did I mention that I was trying to cut down on magazines blog chics?

This was the feature on the Cath Kidston bag. The instructions were pretty clear, and it wasn't difficult, but if you haven't sewed before you should definitely read all the instructions through first, then begin, and take your time. The diagrams were especially helpful. Again, I reckon they put in far too many steps, making it sound as though it is more complicated than it actually is.
I find this with a lot of sewing patterns. That's why I usually abandon them and just follow my instinct. Sometimes this necessitates getting out the Funnell kitchen knife to fix things, but never the hack saw!!!

I used some lovely old Sanderson fabric that I've made so many things from. I managed to get a complete bedspread and curtains from the local Sallies shop ages ago. I've just used it and used it. Unfortunately this was the last of it.

Also, this is another thing to do with plastic geraniums blog chics!
Use them in a bag photo shoot of course!

Spot the Granny Square blanket?
The day has turned out to be sunny and clear, but the frost lay about till lunch time.
I have some fantastic photos of the mountain which I can see as if it were right in front of me when I walk up my street.
But I forgot to include them in my post, and cannot work out how to insert photos in my blog posts where I want them; after the event.
So I will include them in the next one. No idea what that will be about. But I have started applying for JOBS blog chics.


  1. Lovely pictures and post....really like your bag and apron photo taken in your kitchen (-:

  2. Ha!! We have a front view of you!!! And you don't look silly at all, quite normal actually. Your aprons are so pretty and I'm sure will be a big hit. But the bags are fantastic!! Love the Sanderson fabric so much. Oh and the plastic geraniums are so life like. They are on of my favourite flowers.

    Aren't we having the most wonderful days after the frosty starts? I am thoroughly enjoying the warm days these holidays. Enjoy your week!

  3. hello jacqui...sorry I have only looked at all of your piccies, and not read much coz I am really supposed to be getting an early night! (you know me) :))) but I have decided I want to be your neighbour, I want to move now and live with you in your world :) and as for the music...well usually I do not like music on blogs, but this is sooo enchanting and beautiful :)

    Love you honey x

    Love Happyxx

  4. Ihave looked through your blog which is very cute! I enjoyed my visit here!

  5. Such beautiful pictures! Your aprons are very lovely and so is that fantastic front porch!

  6. Frost???? HUH? We went have frost here in Nor-Cal until October! It's going to be 102 here today. Yikes! love your blog, found on Happy loves Rosie.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. You know me and aprons,lol! Yours has me thinking a light summery apron might be a good idea--and your frost looks refreshing on this hot summer night :)

  8. Love it all as usual! Still want to live at your house even if there is a frost! Suie xxxx


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