Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quickly while it's not raining.

Hello Blog Chics.

It's been a while. Real life has been all consuming. Most specifically keeping up two big gardens and two sets of lawns, in the small intervals when it doesn't rain, and rain, and rain!

And then there's the ever present problem of trying to get the washing dry. I confess at times I have just piled it into the car and taken it into Mum's and put it in the dryer.

Most reluctantly, because I am an ardent fan of line dried washing - especially when I have a lavender enclosed meadow to hang it in.

AND - I've been forcing my way through an extremely boring assignment for a paper I'm doing for work. Sooo boring, mostly about legislation and medico legal considerations. Put you off the whole business if you let it! But I've finished it all thank goodness, so onto better things Blog Chics.

I'd hate anyone to think I was moaning. On the contrary. I am totally consumed with it all in a good way, and I love the house and both gardens, and I even like my job. I just have no time for anything else because of the rain!!!!

And no blogging! I've had a few goes and deleted them in the embryonic stages because they were just not worth reporting. Or the photos were rubbish. Might resurrect a couple and put them into a different context when I feel more creatively inspired.

This has been my one source of creative inspiration lately, and I have really had to be disciplined and psyche myself into doing it because it's good for my soul. A bit like that assignment!!! My soul is ABSOLUTELY not improved in the slightest way since the assignment, I can assure you.
But it has been slightly buffed by my foray into the world of "Material Obsession Two".
But again it has taken on a character building flavour, as while I admire pieced quilts, and the use of colour in this book, I have had to challenge myself to actually take it on.
It's very spatial, but once you've cracked the formula it becomes boring blog chics, and the only buzz you get is from choosing the colours. But I suspect it's a bit like weeding, when you're finished you're pleased you put the effort in because it looks great. And it will use up all the random things in my stash that are not my kindred colour palette. I imagine it will become a favoured picnic blanket!

Give you an update soon when I've had time to get batteries into my camera!
Today I am happy to report some watery sunshine has penetrated the standard grey of the 'Naki skies, and I can even see three quarters of the mountain through my kitchen window.
The question remains ... to hang or not to hang - the washing !


  1. Beautiful work! And.....hang every time xx

  2. aawww rain is so depressing some times and it really is a pain to it stops you right in your tracks so to speak. I love the look of your new quilt it kind of reminds me a kaleidoscope can't wait to see more of it. have a lovely week, dee x

  3. Pretty quilt in the making and I have two loads on the line today!

  4. I like how you said it was like is all about attitude! Yes the Naki gets the rain alright, luckily you do share with the rest of us!......the rain.


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