Friday, May 27, 2011

Babushka with Pine Cones!

Another useful thing to do with vintage fabric bags.

Gets me out of going for an official walk today.

It's pretty chilly, and wet under foot. I didn't fancy walking up our busy road because I have to dive off into the long grass whenever a car comes along. And get wet up to my knees! UGH!

So I went off down to the 100 Acre Wood to look for a Woozle.

Didn't find one, but I did find a few pine cones along the fence line.

Meanwhile, I have been progressing with the picnic quilt a bit more.
It will be quite spectacular on the lawn in the summer time.

Sitting inside by the fire now, burning pine cones because I can!

And reading my June NZ House and garden, and dreaming of spring.

I'm such a sook about the cold!


  1. Come visit me when you need a little warmth as your autumn settles in, Jacqui. I surely enjoyed your summer during our cold season. It's so nice to have friends in other hemispheres! One more thing to love about blogging.

  2. wow the quilt is amazing!!! Scarlett x

  3. Oh that gorg quilt is coming along very nicely. You are very brave making one of those. Sorry to hear you are cold, we are still quite warm up here. At least you have pinecones and a fire to warm your toes. I'd love a fire place.

  4. I keep a box in the back of the car and when ever I spot pine cones on the side of the road, I stop and collect them, we have many now.
    We have only had one fire so far, it is still quite warm in Northland, but unlike you I dream of winter, I love it!The fire, soup, homemade bread, no feeling guilty about the messy garden....he, he, he.Have a superday...and remember, the is no such thing as bad weather, it's just weather.


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