Sunday, June 5, 2011

Counting My Winter Blessings.

Hello Blog chics. Thanks you for your lovely comments on my last post. It reminded me to count my blessings, and that there many to count in the winter.

We haven't had our first frost yet, so I can still get photos like this beautiful dew laden nasturtium.

I can spend all morning snuggled up in bed reading my favourite magazines, and moving some things around on the dressing table to create a new vignette to photograph.

And I can look out the window on a winter's morning and see the work of many spiders over night, adorning the hedges.

And this! because she can climb up the pergola and get onto the verandah roof!

And there are still the last roses of autumn hanging on.

And I don't have to stress about watering the cuttings I have transplanted from the other house, because it just keeps raining!

And my red geraniums are doing well, sheltered under the eaves.

And I am planning the beginnings of a bluebell wood here by the woodshed.

I dug up some bluebells from the other house today and put them in.

And the cats are keen gardeners, never minding the rain, posing happily for blog pics by the woodshed.

I'm putting it all to bed until the spring, when it should be wonderful.

Until then I will enjoy the spring and summer in other people's gardens. Thanks to the magic of the blog!


  1. You have a truly beautiful garden, it must make you smile every day! xx

  2. Your garden is beautiful - what plants go into the bluebell wood other than bluebells??
    The chickens dug up our fairy garden seeds from Magpie Chics fairy garden ;'( "naughty chickens aye Mummy" said Tsunami

  3. Love the pictures, my cats always seem to appear at the window too! Scarlett x

  4. So nice to see you again sweet pea! How lovely, I adore bluebells & they do very well in Taranaki as I recall. just noticed some of mine pushing their way through the ground yesterday. I have given them a "board" all over their own on Pinterest..pop in if you feel so inclined
    Much love Catherine

  5. I love to see the dew on the spiderwebs, it makes my heart sing! Thanks for sharing, everything really does look lovely, rain, wind and sun!


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