Sunday, June 19, 2011

Country Living Rhubarb.

A little bit of Country Living cooking this weekend.

I am always so inspired by the beautiful photos in the pages of Country Living.

Do you think mine looks anything like the real thing?

They remembered to take the knife away, and they have a nicer tablecloth, but all in all not too bad an effort. And it tasted fantastic.

I think most of it must have been consumed by the Granny because there wasn't any left by the end of the day - and it wasn't me because us weight watchers chics are only allowed one piece!

It was from this issue of Country Living, which I have just bought.
We get them a couple of months after the UK.

It's uses are many and varied. Pillows for old cats being amongst the most useful.

Am still arranging things in my house. This is a bit of a "Nana crochet" corner I think.

Hope you all had a good weekend where ever you are.


  1. Looks tasty and real...but I get your meaning, my stuff never looks like the recipes in books or magazines.
    My two new kittens are trying to take over our house!!! Did I say I chose to get them!
    I thought when they are older I would give them a china cup to drink out of like your cat.

  2. Would you believe I have just discovered Country Living !! !! !!
    and of course am in country living heaven!
    Loving rhubarb!

  3. "Nana crochet" corner...really liking!

  4. Well if you had wiped the board and got rid of the knives, yes CL all the way!! Absolutely and it looks so good too. Clever you. Course I adore your table cloth. Love the look of that mag. I like to browse through them in the shops for ages then not buy any of them.

  5. Oh that naughty Granny or perhaps it was the tail cat ; ) What a great use for country rhubarb. Definitely a worth the buy the last two Country Livings. The rosey chair looks great in the corner & yes, yes a "crochet corner" is a very chic notion indeed. I think I shall have to commandeer a corner somewhere??? here. Did the cows eat the washing this time round or just in the earlier's just I'm a bit worried that I can't see any evidence of the washing at all in your recent pics : 0 Much love Catherine

  6. Rhubarb anything is a family favorite around here. I never had it as a child and wondered why anyone would make pie with pink celery when I first saw it, lol! I hope my little plant survives and flourishes so that I can eat rhubarb to my heart's content someday :)

  7. Yummy! I love your crochet corner.. really cosy and welcoming. Suzie xxx

  8. I've just found your blog via Catherine our Garden Angel - she directed me to a post you did last Feb and I left a comment there - it was a while before the penny dropped that it was an old post....silly me!!!
    I've joined your happy band of followers too.

    Country Living is one of my faves and I must get that one as I see it is a Garden special.
    Your sweet ginger puss looks very happy - is it the new CL mag or maybe he was the one who found the Rhubarb loaf!!!!!
    Do come and visit me and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you feel very welcome!


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