Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Spot of Granny Shifting and Some Cows in my Meadow.

Sometimes there are cows that graze the meadow behind the house.

They are supposed to stay in the meadow,

and not venture past the electric fence into

the hundred acre wood.

But cows being cows become curious and they worked out that the electric fence wasn't switched on.

Well three of them did anyhow, and escaped past my washing line into the hundred acre wood; trampling and eating everything underfoot.

I know never to hang out your washing with cows in the vicinity, from childhood experience of same!

But at least we got the day off school that day.

Taranaki rain being what it is, everything we owned was hung on the line by Sunday

(when a herd of cows happened along and attempted to eat it and tread it under foot as above!)

And we have discovered why the Tail cat sometimes comes racing in the cat door looking like she's seen Ned Kelly's ghost out there in the dark.

It's the cows. Silly Tail's afraid of cows.

So all the extra cow chasing delayed the Granny moving for about half an hour while Richard and the owner of the cows chased them back into the paddock and we turned the electric fence on.
Yes Blog Chics, we have said goodbye to the Magpie House.
It has been sold to a young family who love it.
So I am very happy that our home has gone to a good home!

Now we have a dilemma when converting our current garage into the Granny Annexe.
And that is, how do you disguise the electric fence control panel in what will become the Granny Kitchen?
Any interior whizzes out there with a solution?
Not your usual interior decorating challenge is it?


  1. I love cows but never had them this close! Myself and hubby just finished a renovation of an old victorian cottage, but there is still a lot to do which reminds me I must update my 2nd blog! Mind you disguising an electric fence control panel thats a tricky one, I suppose its quite big? How about a removable faux radiator panel?? xxxx

  2. The dangers of living in the country. Renegade cows!

  3. Build a cupboard around it? It isn't one of those electric fence units that go ....endlessly is it. If so you might have to soundproof it too or Granny might go mad!

  4. Those naughty cows! Scarlett x

  5. Awww great cows but a little close for comfort i have to say and around your washing to ;-)) Eek ;-) Lovely to hear your house been sold and to a lovely family to. New souls to bring it to life again ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  6. Hey think of all the free fertilizer for the garden!


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