Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.

1st of December is time to put up the Christmas trees and start planning the Christmas Menus.

"She who is proficient at separating eggs"has been around with her Australian Women's Weekly recipe supplement, and I got out my NZ House and Garden equivalent and off we went.

We intend to make about 25 puddings and 2 salads!!!

Obviously a little more fine tuning to get through yet.

But we did find a triangular ginger bread house which may well turn out to be the solution to our gingerbread house structural engineering problems!

The Granny has put up her Christmas tree too, so we have three inside.

And one outside for the cats to play with!!

About 23 sleeps to go Blog Chics. Hope the weather improves!


  1. Wow you have been busy with your trees they all look lovely and i love the flowers and the little birds esecially the little silver one. What a sweet idea with the mouse on top ;-)) Enjoy making your puddings, dee x

  2. 3 trees! Wow are you sure you are not in America? They look wonderful. A tree for the cats...why didn't I think of that! My little 'darlings' are loving our tree......!!!*@#&!!!

  3. Just discovered your blog, it's gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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