Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dolly Becomes a Child of the Seventies.

Granny and I decided Dolly needed a new outfit.

So we thought we'd make her a child of the seventies;, inspired by vintage crochet.

Such as these crocheted dresses Jo and I wore on Christmas Day in 1972.

That's me in pink.

I personally love Auntie Doreen's white boots.

Auntie Doreen crocheted the dresses.

Matching was in for little girls then.

Dolly got a way more hip look with her "Hey There Goergie Girl " vibe.

It's the cloche hat that does it.

The Granny made up her own pattern using a baby dress as a template.

Her powers of crochet are incalculable.

I don't know why she can't do algebra if she can make up her own crochet patterns!!!

I bet architects can't do that!

And the shoes similarly so.

Dolly is still waiting on an peasant blouse to wear underneath her crocheted dress.

Aren't the faded out jeans so cool?

Dolly's lost an eyelash somewhere, so we'll have to get her another one from the doll hospital I guess.

Enjoy your weekend Blog Chics.


  1. She such a cool hip chickie!
    My sister had a doll just like that.The shoes are so sweet.

  2. What a hip hip dolly - that Granny is way cool too - does she teach crochet? It's on my 100 challenges for my year ahead 'learn to crochet' .. .. .. and anyway WHO needs algebra OR triganometry (however it is spelt) .. .. .. oh thats right my husband needs it LOL
    I have a memory of around 1977 wearing a sunshine yellow crocheted two piece - flared pants and cardi! My Nana made it for me!

  3. O WOW What a clever lady. The dress is so delicate and has so much detail on it, its truely beautiful and those shoes to WOW ;-)) I love it and your doll is so pretty to. Love your cute little dresses to as i said Clever lady. dee x

  4. Wow - dolly looks amazing - I am so jealous of those amazing shoes! I would have been 10 days old when that picture was taken of all of you & I agree with you about your Auntie Doreen's boots!! SO cool xxx

  5. What a great job you are the Granny have done with dolly - love the shoes!

  6. I am in awe of the Granny's crochet capabilities : 0 I do love the outfit & the cooperative project. The geographical chasm is a real blow I would gladly share the Granny over the said neighbourly fence..should she be willing to be spread around in such a way. New rule: always ASK the Granny first..would she want to? did she eat it all? Just saw this one pinterest: thought you two might like it. Comes from which may also be useful. Do love those shoes indeed. Thanks for your sweet, kind words..I do so appreciate them. Much love Catherine xoxo


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