Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Riding Shot Gun.

This is my version of the seventies "Love is ..." cutesy cartoons.

No cute Holly Hobby dresses and love hearts sorry.

This is "love is riding shot gun in his race car, and only closing your eyes in the really scary bits!"

Actually this one is my dad's race car, and Hubby is taking it out for exercise at Taupo because it's for sale.

Actually you feel really safe because you are all harnessed in.
It's the other cars that appear to be coming in through the passenger side window at a hundred miles an hour that make me slightly nervous!

The helmet hair is pretty dreadful too.
Today I am about to chuck all my material all over the floor and make a bag or two!
So long since I've done anything, I can't find my scissors!


  1. Oh how brave of you! Hope it was fun. Good to hear you are going to make something once again. It takes a while to get going after a break doesn't it? Once you've found those jolly scissors you'll be off I'm sure. Hope you are well and enjoying yourself.

  2. Car racing is so cool Jacqui!!

    When I was a very young girl I always went to the Levin car races - we had soooo much fun.
    We raced all the way there and back - scarey to think of now, but back then we all thought we were totally bullet proof!!!

    Look forward to seeing your bag once you've finished it too!!

    You've got some lovely images on your blog - very pretty!


  3. Now that sounds like A LOT of fun!
    BC (before children) we used to do a lot of riding on the motorbike I LOVED the feel of the wind race past my face - And I AGREE it's the cars coming to wards you !! !!

  4. This looks amazing fun! Scarlett x


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