Saturday, July 9, 2011

Glove Love

I've been awake in the early hours reading my old Victoria magazines.

I stole a moment and collected all my vintage gloves and arranged them as above.

I'll leave them there till I pull out my vintage Christmas tree at the beginning of December.

I'm already planning where it'll go.

Today I pulled out all my vintage tableclothes to make bags.
I arranged it all randomly on the floor, put it into piles.
moved the piles around a bit,
cut out one bag and put it all away again.
I still can't quite get into it.

I'm off to Canberra next week with the Granny.
To catch up with family.
I've never been to Canberra, so I'm hoping to find something vintage and interesting there.
(Other than the Granny.)

Meanwhile we are sat by the fire while the thunder storms go at full tilt outside, and the rain comes in sideways.

Have a great weekend Blog Chics.


  1. We are having thunder and lightening at the moment - isn't it amazing!
    I had a wee giggle about the vintage and granny comment ::))

    Went to a new market in Auckland today - a lady was selling bags similar to the one you made me - but heres were made from vintage fabrics (not all cottons) and were NO WHERE near as pretty and feminine as yours! Still not found anything like yours up here! SOOOOOOOOO pretty!

  2. Hold on Jeremy! I see him in the midst of all that floral hooha. There is still nothing more wonderful than those old Victorias, I feel..early hours or others. I love the glovely arrangements very much. Mmm I am glad that I am not the only one to get all the fabric out fluff it all around..& then, oh no, mine is still a big mess : 0 AND I haven't made anything except the wheaties & that doesn't really count. Have a lovely Canberra adventure. Much love to you & the Granny. Catherine xoxox

  3. What beautiful pictures! Have a safe journey to Canberra and a wonderful trip x

  4. Oh i love vintage gloves, your pictures are fabulous! Scarlett x

  5. Beautiful gloves.
    I was lucky enough to pick up a beautiful antique lace pair from Waihi last year,I have them sitting on our beautiful oak dressing table I bought off Trademe!It is like stepping back in time very time I look at them.

  6. What a beautiful bed you have everything is just so pretty and girly i love it. That is a great idea to use vintage tablecloths to make bags with i am sure the wanting to make will come back to you soon and then you will enjoy it. Have a lovely time away, dee x

  7. Hope you and the granny have fun in Canberra.


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