Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Granny Square as a Metaphor for Life?


I love this photo. It has nothing to do with anything, I just love the way it turned out.

I love all the colours together, and the way the cups stack up "just so".

I am looking for happy things to compensate for the weather.

We haven't had a summer yet here in the "Naki".

I really, really need a few days in a row of sunshine.

One swallow does not a summer make. Well all we've had here is the odd blackbird scoffing up the Granny's "pensioner bread" .

And there was the remains of last week's rhubarb crumble too, which may or may not be attractive to swallows.

I wouldn't really know, having not had enough summer to encounter even ONE...

The Granny has been randomly assorting her granny squares and sewing them together.

I have admired the work sufficiently to assume ownership of it I think.

That's mostly how it works round here.

Except for a made to order goat or two.

I really have no idea how the Granny Square is a metaphor for life.

I just made it up because I liked the sound of it.

Am far too pre-occupied with the weather to have that conversation with myself.

Probably something about going round and round, but then the Granny's Granny Squares are so free style and lovingly embellished that you just have to have hope don't you?

So there you are... the metaphor for life shall exist only in the most random of Granny Squares!

I found this gorgeous American magazine on my birthday. Luckily it was on my birthday, as it was so outrageously expensive i really shouldn't have bought it, but i just love it so!

A house is never just a house for me.

It's a blank canvas. I cannot be doing with the paint by numbers approach.

And gardens...


  1. Yet another thought provoking post full of eye candy. My favourite photo is the last with puss asleep in the pot! Anything left growing in the pot?

  2. What a beautiful wholesome post. Your china is so pretty such soft colours. Wow your granny squares are amazing i love the flowers there are so many different sorts there, a real feast to my eyes. I bought a book the other day 200 crochet granny squares i was in awe of so many it amazes me how many different styles there really are. It will take me a life time to master them. I am hopeless at understanding a book im more of a practical learner so goodness knows why i bought it really ;-)) I hope the sunshine comes to your corner of the world soon we all need sunshine. dee x

  3. great post!

    love the colour balance of the tea-cup stack...love the granny squares...& love the name 'granny squares'

  4. The teacup with the bird is my favourite but all are gorgeous and look great just stacked.

  5. Well I am just wondering...tiddly pom...if you haven't gone & jinxed summer by having that picture of Normanby snow on your side bar! Happy birthday by the way! Yes those mags are a horrible price indeed. Does the Granny sit at the Jesus table with her pensioner bread making Granny squares then? ; ) Sending you love & wishing you (& us) sunshine x0x0x ..How's the boy doing?

  6. However did you guess! Actually, she sits at the Jesus table drinking coffee, eating biscuits that she aledgedly made for The Mister's lunch and doing the crossword!
    Granny squares are an inside activity, and the pensioner bread is when we've run out of vogels. That's how come it gets thrown to the birds. I get fead up with it quickly and bring home some more vogels!
    The boy is doing very well thank you:P

  7. Here I was eagerly awaiting the answer to the big question, I would even start crocheting to get that answer! You are a tease, J. Love the pic of the cat and the cups, especially that lovely one with a bird on it. Wishing you some sunshine, soon!

  8. Love it all--especially your made up metaphor! Wishing you lots of summery weather SOON!


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