Friday, February 17, 2012

If You Open Your Ears to Beauty, You'll Hear it Singing its Song.

A little trite perhaps Blog Chics,

but never the less true enough.

I've been thinking a lot about gardens.

My garden in particular.
And gardeners.
It hasn't been a spectacular season for the Granny's potager.
And she's been busily ripping out all her tomato plants.
Not enough sun.
They've all been smited by a botch or something,
although we have been eating the little sweet yellow ones.
The Granny is tremendously disappointed.
She is one of those gardeners that loves gardening.

I, on the other hand am one of those gardeners who loves gardens more than gardening!

I see gardening as a means to an end.
I see my flowers as still lives and vignettes that I can run together as a slide show,
or fuse in the moment inside my mind.

We both love to have masses of fresh flowers inside in vases.
Sometimes it's hard to decide weather to leave a lovely bloom to be enjoyed through the window, or to bring it in and smell it, touch it and enjoy its composition intimately,
but for a shorter time.

For instance...

this year I succeeded in growing two hollyhocks.

One pink, one white.

They are magnificently deformed.

So I cut one and used the single usable bloom in my photo.

To last forever, or as long as the digital life of the photo.

If you open your heart to beauty....

You'll find it.


  1. Bit of botch going round I think. Poor disappointing. I always see hollyhocks growing marvelously in other people's gardens but they don't seem to like my place at all. Beauty well saved...glad you heard the cry! x0x0x

  2. Beautiful post. Its lovely to be able to garden and even grow and cut flowers and bring them inside. That little nest is lovely they always amaze me how uniformed they are. Have a lovely weekend, dee x


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