Thursday, September 16, 2010

A fox in socks?

No.... just a Magpie Cat in full repose. Doing what she does best. I actually did the knitting, in case you were wondering. I didn't mean that knitting was what the Magpie cat does best. In fact she does none at all. Not very good at ironing either!

I'm very pleased with how these socks have turned out. I haven't made the crocheted violas yet to embellish them with.

All photos taken at night this week blog chics because I have been busy gardening or working during the day. The lawns are growing like Topsy and require mowing once a week at least, and the weeds are not far behind.

Remind me slightly of 1980s leg warmers, but I think I can get away with it on op-shopping days. With my nana crocheted bag, I won't look out of place at all, and I'll have very warm legs!!!

Thanks for stopping in today Blog Chics. I ordered the lovely botanical fabric with raspberry hydrangeas for my couch re-cover. But it doesn't get here till the beginning of November.
Slightly disappointing, as I was so looking forward to it being done. But something to look forward to I guess.


  1. I'm sooo impressed with those socks, I love them and the colours are gorgeous, Lucey xx

  2. wowza u are a talent!! ;0)
    love the socks and lovely cat toooo ;0)xx
    look great with boots xxxx
    i need some of them its chilly in my kitchen x


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