Friday, September 17, 2010

I've been thinking about starting another quilt.

I haven't made a quilt for a while. I thought I might make one out of vintage sheets.

I've had this one in mind for ages, to make from 1930s reproduction fabrics, but I thought it would look fab made from vintage sheets.

I don't have that many that I could bare to cut up, but you can actually buy new vintage sheet fabric. There are links on The Vintage Sheet Blog.
I look in there often, they have some great ideas and tutorials. Everything is made from vintage sheets or pillow cases.

Or I could go and raid the stash of vintage pillow cases at my Dad's batch at lake Taupo. I don't think he he cares too much about the shabby chicness of the vintage pillow cases, or even knows that they're there. Maybe I'll have a wee look on the vintage sheet blog myself, and buy a few fat quarters. It's nice to be planning a quilt again.


  1. Oh how exciting! I do like the look of that yoyo quilt very much. The planning and collecting the fabrics is such a fun part.

  2. Hi

    This is Liz, your swap partner for Floss's magazine swap. I have your magazine ready to send, please drop me an email with your address.



  3. ooohhhh I have the most perfect photo of a yo you quilt I took at the quilt show! Amazing!
    I'm totally in love with your blog by the way.
    Did I send you my address for the Quilts To Cheer Christchurch's Kids blocks?

  4. I love the look of that quilt, it is stunning. Can't wait to see how you progress! Susie xxx


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