Sunday, September 19, 2010

Horizontal Pansies.

Hello Blog Chics. The thing about spring is that it can so easily relapse back into winter!

This weekend we are experiencing an ugly storm, with ferocious winds, heavy rainy squalls and it's cold again. The Magpie Cats are wanting to stay inside by the heater, night and day. Which keeps me busy at night letting them out for toilet stops. But it's so cold out there in the storm that it would be mean to leave them out in it

My pansies are horizontal and the deck chairs have blown off the deck into the garden.

The washing on the line is also horizontal, and I've given up on it and resorted to the clothes dryer.

A new House and Garden appeared in my letter box yesterday, just in time for a weekend in doors. I've got a dreadful cold, and not much energy, so I've just been a complete couch potato. Planning projects rather than actually doing any, and watching the Living Channel on TV.

I haven't even done any walking. Too cold, and I just don't have the oomph. In my previous job I gradually built up an immunity to all the old lady bugs, so I suppose in this job I'll just have to put up with catching all the kiddy bugs, till I've had them all. Luckily I have had the chicken pox, so won't have to do that one again.

This is my favourite article from the October issue of NZ House and Garden.

Only enough energy to load the dryer and dump it on a chair. None left to actually fold it and put it away!!!Just enough energy to make coffee and turn the pages of NZHand G LOL!

And have a lovely time visiting all my favourite blog chics and leave some comments and follow some links to all your favourites and recommendations. I've had such a lovely day.

I found a lovely blog by another Kiwi girl called Catalina.

She's organising quilt blocks for making into quilts for kids in Christchurch after the earthquake.

A couple of weeks ago Christchurch experienced a 7.1 magnitude quake (same as the one in Haiiti). Thankfully no one was killed as it happened at 4.30 in the morning, but the inner city is a mess, and in certain suburbs where they have had a lot of liquefaction occur in the subsoil, likewise. They are still experiencing aftershocks and a lot of people can not return to their homes. It must have been very scary for children and elderly people living alone especially.

So I thought that was a lovely idea, to donate quilt blocks to be made into quilts for kids. I've had a rummage through some of my randoms and experiments and found some that I could send straight away.

That's all for today Blog Chics. I'll leave you with my Christmas fairy who is already thinking about which window sill she'll sit on this Festive Season. She's been talking with the snow man in my linen cupboard. They get organised very early here. They'll be planning the menu as soon as the December issue of NZ`House and Garden turns up in the letter box.


  1. your blog is always soooo homely and charming!...its so sad that so many of these more natural disasters have happened of late- the poor families, children it must be truly scarey! and to have no home! heart really does go out to them...such a wonderful idea of the quilting squares- also your creations are soooo lovely!!...when im feeling really low- to feel snuggly and warm is the most important thing! ;0)...any child needs that feeling! even big ones! (like me!).
    Sorry to read your not feeling well ;0(
    ive had the dreadful bug too!...hopefully you will be more brighter soon , best wishes x
    lovely dolls n angels in your home!
    And i love the images in your mag! beautiful x

    x kazzy x

  2. Love the photo of the washing on the line! Hasn't the weather just been awful! Walking to school today to pick up Mr 5 I thought I was going to be blown over!
    Grrrrrr to spring colds! I'm coming down with one tooooooooo ~ bring on school holidays end of this week!
    I LOVE the blocks you're sending me - the kidlets hopefully will find comfort with all these stitches sewn with love.
    Cat xxx

  3. Your weather looks awful and the news of the earthquake is terrible. I hope that you get better soon, I am the same, full of a horrid lurgy, and am a couch potato too! Susie xxx

  4. Poor pansies. The best thing about Spring "breezes" is sitting down with a lapfull of warm laundry fresh from the dryer! Get well soon :)


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