Monday, September 6, 2010

Updating an old friend.

We've had this couch for fourteen years. It's done great service, and is still oh so comfortable, if a little faded, warn and shabby. I cover it with a patchwork throw, and plump up the cushions and try to cover the snot marks on the arms from fourteen years of children swinging off them.

I'm trying to decide weather to choose this gorgeous botanical fabric to cover the whole thing,
or to go for the plain blue with different cushions.

What do you think?I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the blue botanical with the raspberry hydrangeas. Kind of depends a bit on the quotes.

I'm knitting these fantastic socks at the moment, from this lovely book, using the crofter wool. I started knitting one of the cardies, but it was looking a bit 1970s school cardy in the wool I'd bought, so I unravelled it and went for the socks instead. Which are wonderful.I'm going to embellish the bands with my yet to be crocheted violas.
Have a happy week blog chics.


  1. I love it. I think pretty and floral is a lovely idea after all that snot! Go for it, you'll love it way more.

  2. Go for the floral, it will be gorgeous, love your blog!

  3. Definitely the raspberry hydrangeas! Gorgeousness!

  4. i love your sofa how it is- with throws and miss match coushions, thats how mine looks too! but it always means alot of sorting it out when kiddies jump all over it! hehe...i keep wondering about my sofa as its a 'hand me down',
    but it comes with washable re- moveable cover...
    lovely botanical print!!! sooo pretty- lovely blog x

  5. Definitely the blue with the raspberry hydrangeas!

  6. Unanimus verdict then. Much easier than electing an Australian PM LOL! Have ordered the botanical print.:P


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