Thursday, December 9, 2010

A litle bit of Jackie O.

I have this gorgeous vintage dress in my wardrobe. I've owned it for a year and never worn it. Mainly because the weather was so cold last summer. Perhaps this summer I'll get my chance.

It reminds me of the dresses Jacqueline Kennedy wore THAT summer.

I thought I'd wear it over jeans. What do you think?


  1. Olalalala that is the most gorgeous dress - wear it do it yes yes yes - or even with knee length leggings and please do post a picture :)

    *sad face* ALL of my rose cuttings which were doing 'so' well have now withered up and died ;'(

  2. Why don't you just wear it like it is? It's absolutely beautiful! I love the lace-like fabric and the colour. Was it really cold last summer? It was fab up here, really hot and it is again this year.

  3. LOVE that dress! Great colour too..excellent spotting. From the Bank was it? Nah I'd go full Nana chic unless it's still too chilly in Taranaki, in that case you might have to add stockings & a hat ; ) ooh & a wee cardi. XOXO
    ps how short is it?

  4. Thats beautiful and such a pretty colour. I would wear it on its own with a little pair of silver dolly shoes. Its a stunner. Dee x

  5. I'd go tights and under-the-knee boots (not suggesting that you own over-the-knee boots), to keep the whole 60s vibe.

  6. Oh I love it, it is so pretty!
    I would wear it with bare legs & pretty shoes & over jeans with heels!
    You lucky thing!

  7. Oh you are all such girly girls!! i will take all your advices and go girly but maybe a I will ware my summer ankle boots with the laces undone. Definately pretty shoes would be lovely too. shall have to try both and report back!!!


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