Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stuff I have been doing when not totally exhausted.

Gosh is it Friday night already?

I'm exhausted - in a good way.

It's exhausting vaccinating the babies!!

All that smiling and gurgling , and then there's the cuddling them when they cry,

(Can you guess i secretly quite like vaccinating the babies).

So i have managed to fit a few things in on my days off.

Like my calico mouse, made from instructions in Australian Homespun The Kids issue - (October)

She is rather cute. I have her brother all ready cut out and ready to sew like some kind of ode to the gingerbread man. But the way things are at this time of the year there's not much chance of him hopping off the sewing table, putting himself together and running off down the road.

I finished this cross stitch a couple of years ago actually, not in the weekend!!!

The thing about it is, (apart from the fact that it is a future family heirloom)

that it took me five years to complete.

I try to reference vintage with all my Christmas decorating. Vintage and rustic country.

This year I was given my very own authentic vintage Christmas card.

It was sent to my mother, from "the family" more than 50 years ago.

It is a treasure.

And i made my Christmas cake.

That is a big job, and it takes 4 hours to cook.

It's somebody's Granny's recipe from donkey's years ago,

and i think it's the best I've ever tasted, and fool proof!

And I've been enjoying the garden.

But i need to start watering it regularly now. Lovely sunny days with no rain.

Wouldn't you agree?



  1. all your pics are lovely...beautiful roses.We are dry up here too.(Northland)

  2. What a full and very lovely post. I adore your embroidery!! Gosh it's beautiful and no wonder it took you so many years to finish. It must be a shame to take it down after Christmas.

    Love that old card, but from The Family??? Bit funny and impersonal really. Sometimes it's good that times have changed!

  3. what a lovely post. Beautiful cross stitch that is really special, my mum does a lot of this and would love it to. And your 50 year old card wow such a special xmas item to. And i love your bunny shes very cute well done ;-) And your xmas cake dont you just love the smell when there cooking.. have a lovely weekend. Dee x


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