Friday, December 24, 2010

Piccies For the Rellies - Happy Christmas.

When boys wear silly hats and antlers and play guitar, you know it's Christmas Day at the Wagstaffs.

Dan and Callum even wrote a special Christmas Day with the Wagstaffs song, but it doesn't really bear repeating. Sung to the tune of Snoopy's Christmas anyhow.

I nipped in and out of the festivities to baste the turkey, which unlike my gingerbread house, was a great success.

"She" finally saw her cross stitch framed.

It comes but once a year.
Peace to all and goodwill to all men - even those who wear reindeer antlers and play guitar.

All the Nanas and Grandads arranged themselves for the pressies.

And the reindeer played guitar. Nirvarna, Guns n Roses, and other such Christmas classics.

The Goblins sat in the cheap seats and muttered to themselves quietly over their "scratchies".

The marzipan mice looked on.

No animals were harmed in the making of this production.
Not even any Goblins.
Hope you all had a lovely day.


  1. A right family knees up! Excellent fun...Merry Christmas and i hope you are having a super Boxing day (-;

  2. It looks like such a great Christmas! Glad you had fun.. and that gift you are unwrapping looks interesting!
    Thank you for the comment about my gingerbread house, I think I have just been lucky! Maybe it's the icing recipe? Mine is egg whites and icing sugar, the one from BBC good food!
    Happy Christmas! Becky :-) x


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