Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Quilt Binding.

Yesterday I picked up my beautiful "pretty in pink" quilt from the machine quilting lady.

There is so much detail in it, she's done little clouds mostly, which is perfect for the "bitsyness" of the pieces.

So I thought I might do a little tutorial on quilt binding; the Magpie Chic method.

Might not be how the experts do it, but it's a way that I've worked out over the years that works for me.

I start by trimming off the excess wadding, which is easy when it's been machine quilted right round the perimeter.

I auditioned a few pieces of fabric that I thought would suit as a border.

I chose this one.

I cut 4" strips for my borders usually, along the length of the fabric if i can, but width ways if that's the only way i can make the fabric eak out. It takes quite a lot of fabric. About a metre- ish - for a quilt this size. Just measure perimeter of quilt to work out how much you'll need.

Then add up how long you can make your 4" strip by sewing all your cut strips together.

Add about 10cm for overhangs and foldovers. If it's a bit longer than the perimeter of your quilt, then you have enough fabric.

Press the strip in half, right sides out. Pin to wrong side of first corner with about 1cm overhang.

Sew with usual quarter inch seam.

Then press both sides of seam flat.

Use a 1cm overhang at each new corner so that you can turn raw edge under like a 1cm hem when mitering the corners. I mitre the corner like folding gift wrapping paper.

Press all the seams flat as you go, and the mitred corners.

I find pinning one side at a time, then hemming that side and that corner before moving onto the next one is the best method.

The Magpie cat finds sleeping on the pin cushion the best method.

Then just hem stitch each side as you go, on the wrong side of the quilt. Make tiny stitches, so they are not visible.


  1. Glad you have a 'helper' on hand, does he pass you the pins?
    That is an interesting way to do your binding, there seem to be many ways.
    Is the quilt a Faeries in my Garden one?Pretty colours, I like the 30's green heart.

  2. My goodness that must have taken ages to make. It's got a bit of everything in it and it looks amazing. Clever you once again. You make such wonderful quilts. Is this one for a Christmas pressie?

  3. Hi ladies. I'm not actually sure who designed this quilt as i bought it as a kit a few years ago after seeing it made up and falling love with it. I just made it for me. Don't think i could give this one away. I love the gelato colours and vintage thirties fabrics too much.

  4. Bee-you-tiful! I love the colors and all the details. I must say that your machine quilting lady is a bit of an artist herself. So often the machine quilting overwhelms the quilt--but the little puffy clouds surrounding the motifs are just right. I'm glad your keeping this little jewel for yourself!

  5. What an adorable quilt!!! Thanks for the tips on binding.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I adore your quilt i have to say that its the nicest one i have seen, so much detail and the colours are beauitful. Thank you for showing how to do the binding that is something i will need to work out when i complete mine. Have a lovely christmas and i hope the new year is a magical one. Dee x PS Tell my Timmy cat to stay out of your photo's ;-))

  7. Anyone that hand sews binding in my humble opinion is an angel - I did it on Philosophers CK cowboy quilt and it took forever!
    Thanks for the tutorial


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