Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bedroom Makeovers - my favourite!

It's a dark old day today, so the lighting isn't the best for photos, but it's going to be a bit like that from now on, because it's autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere blog chics!!!
I told you about my yearning for a 50's ballerina bedroom.... Well, here it is!
That's nature's compensation for mothers when their off spring leave home. They get to do a bedroom makeover - what fun!! I spent ages sourcing the Carlotta Edwards
prints at the local auction, Trade Me (NZ equivalent of E Bay) and a lovely antique shop in Eltham called The Bank.

The Highland Lassie is probably having an identity crisis in her new room, but those are the sacrifices one makes for art :P
I made this porcelain doll for "she who is proficient at separating eggs" for Christmas one year, and had to go to an AWFUL lot of trouble to find the pattern for the bleeding socks! Do not examine closely, they are not symmetrical - or do so at your own risk anyhow, I hate to think what Hubby thought of those socks at the time. He gets quite discombobulated with things that aren't symmetrical, and the whole shabby chic painting thing just makes him go , "why?" But he's ok about it after a while, and just raises his eyebrows and carries on. That's probably his version of "Keep Calm and Carry On". He'd have been great in 1940s Britain. We watched that 1940s programme on sky, and Hubby was astonished at that man's lack of air raid building skills. Just astonished! he's have had it up and running with a fully functional turbo charger and remote controlled toilet in half the time!

I can't resist decorating in every room with tea cups.

Highland Lassie was inspired by my daughter's ten years of Highland dancing, and my ten years of purgatory locked up with the stage mothers at competitions!!! Glad that's over, but I do love the bagpipes. Gets all those Celtic genes I own all stirred up :P

Hope you enjoyed your peek into the Magpie Chic res. I'm so inspired by everyone else's photos. You're all truly amazing, and I spend hours on the flikr!! Blog about my boy's 1950's Cow Boy pad later. He's coming home today. I'm so excited. He turns 21 on Wednesday.


  1. I love your bedroom! The bench seat is gorgeous and I love the painted furniture. Truly pretty! suzie xxx

  2. I absolutely love the make over, it is soooo have done a fab job magpie chic!
    Jane x

  3. What a fab makeover, and I quite understand about the dancing!! Been there. Cant wait to see the cowboy room, one of my favourite CK themes.
    Jenny x


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