Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Angel's Story

I love to start projects. I've said so before. There's nothing like the anticipation of beginning something. I' m not so good at the in between parts. Some of my quilts have taken three years to complete. But complete them I did! I learned perseverance from Hubby who ALWAYS finishes things. His sometimes take twenty years mind. His racing mini took that long, and then that's not strictly true, 'cos it's always blown up, needing modifying or a new piston or something! Spends a lot of time fixing it anyway, way more than racing it.

This is my latest quilt project. An Angel's Story, designed by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.

I've only made the first little angel so far, but I'm all prepared.
Isn't she just so cute?
By the way.... I've finished my knitting. That's for the next installment:P
Had great fun taking thousands of photos in outdoor settings and playing for ages with my camera, which seems to be behaving itself very well now I've mastered the art of using the memory card when the other way won't work!
Thanks for calling in.


  1. That angel is sooo gorgeous I love it, I'll pop over and have a look at that site right now, thanks Lucey xx

  2. The little angel is so cute, and I can't wait to see all of your finished projects. I am terrible for not finishing off, because I am always starting something new! Have a good week! suzie xxx

  3. she is so sweet & you are so clever with a needle & thread! & I see you have been mastering some new photoshop techniques..well done!

  4. Just saw this on your 'popular posts' and had to go see as I am making this lovely quilt too. I am 3 blocks in, wondering how you are coming on? This post is dated a while back so maybe you have done more, maybe you have finished and I missed it!


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