Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage Shopping Expedition

There are a few really good vintage and retro shops in Eltham. This one has the most beautiful collection of retro and vintage fashions in pristine condition, and the ladies are so nice too (also in pristine vintage condition!!).
Can't for the life of me remember what it's called, but it is just the most fabulous shop, just off the main street in Bridge St. Beat tried on several berets, and chose the black one, which I love on her, but I hankered after the pink one too.
Well a girl just has to stop for an Easter bun now doesn't she, when there's a bakery outside the vintage shop and your mother wont hurry up!!!

This is Faded Fancy in Fitzroy, New Plymouth. I discovered it a few years ago, and my car doesn't need a GPS to get there, it just knows. I go there often, and take anybody who happens to be a passenger, weather they like it or not, and invariably they do. Callum is very patient in shops like this. He must have more hunter gatherer genes than his father, who is definitely your "kill a bloody great mammoth and be done with it quickly," type!!

This is the lovely lady who owns the shop. Have never asked her her name, but she has become a good friend and is such a kindred spirit. So names are superfluous.

I love this tea cup trio. The colours are so me!

No I am not for sale, and especially not at 50 percent off. I am not waiting to catch a bus either.
This is my absolute jewel in the crown from today's expedition. Found at the retro shop in Eltham for $20. Found the rose in a little shop called Shine in New Plymouth. I love it! It is such a cool Nana bag. (But I bet Nana would hate it 'cos she probably had to take her needlework to Girls College in one just like it, and they always seemed to hate their sewing teachers!!!)
I had a nice sewing teacher, but spending six months on an embroidery sampler before you got to make the stuffed toy did nothing to inspire my love of needlework :P

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  1. Oh my, I'm so in love with those chairs ~ how adorable!


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