Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dressing up at Port O Call!

This is one of my absolute favourite places to visit! It's a little cafe at the Port in Napier (hence the name Port O Call); where they love everything vintage and genteel and fun. There is a lovely dress-ups box from which to select your accessories, and you are just NOT getting the full experience unless you do. Leigh and I shared the hats and negligees with a couple of little girls who were just dying to be photographed!!!

Leigh's hat doesn't quite match her outfit, but it soooo suits her personality!!!!

Don't you just love this look. the flowers are real too.

You get to choose your own cup from the huge selection of pretty Nana china.
I Chose bluebirds and Leigh chose elegant pink.

My outfit is NOT from the dress-ups box, in case you were wondering.... just the hat. Isn't it gorgeous! Such a magpie chic shade of pink. I bet you're all really envious!


  1. Ooh how gorgeous! Did you ever see Port'O'Call in the NZ House & Garden mag? I think I have about 4 copies if you'd like one. Just wondering if you are in fact on facebook..would be a great way to exchange further bits & pieces. Love the new "Happy" blog lay out well done!

  2. Oh how gorgeous - now to find an equivalent shop in Auckland or to start one myself! Perfect - girls of all ages like to dress up and play ladies xxx


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