Friday, April 16, 2010

A small explosion in the universe!

A small explosion happened in the universe over night!
No, it was not the Large Hadron Collider blowing up again!! (Did you know that one of the guys that does the night shift on the LHC is a Kiwi?) It was what's known as "the Happy effect". It's a new law of quantum physics that I just invented. There is now a mall black hole out there somewhere in the blogaverse and it'll suck you in.... to reading my blog. It happened because Happy blogged about designing my blog graphics and now I have 20 followers! Such a lovely surprise for a new blogger. Thanks for your lovely comments too. I have enjoyed visitting you all .

I did eventually get to the weeding that I was supposed to have been doing five days ago. It's looking much better, and my autumn pansies are growing well. I just love purple!!
Autumn in my garden is a bit of a clean up and put everything to bed time.

Chooky doesn't put himself to bed, he just stays out in all weathers gathering a lovely layer upon layer of lichen.

These are my sturdy stockman's boots that I ware in the garden. I inherited them from my sister, so they are actually about two sizes too big for me, but I love them. When I went through customs coming back from playing jillaroo in Australia a few months ago, they had to pick out all the raisins from the treads! It took ages...Raisins you ask? Well, that's what you do when you're keeping a one year old and "The Woozle" who is three amused on a trans Tasman flight. You give them raisins of course, then you stand in all the dropped ones when you change a nappy, and they end up in your boots.
Thanks for stopping by blog chics!


  1. Congratulations on your 20 following! Yay! Ha , I love the raisin tale, and those boots are great! I just had a look at 'The Woozle' on your side bar... ahhh so cute! have a lovely weekend! suzie xxx

  2. It is SO very nice to meet you! What a wonderful place you have the boots!!!



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