Monday, April 12, 2010

Shall I choose the red coat or the green coat?

Hello again! Today I had a dilemma on my hands. Should I ware my red tartan op-shop duffle coat, or my emerald green one on my walk? Weighing up all the pros and cons, I chose the red one. My Mum wants to know how come I love duffle coats so much now, when she couldn't get me to wear one for love nor money when I was six!!! I don't know Mum; could've been the particular shade of porridgey brown that duffle coats favoured in the early seventies...

The Magpie Cat was watching from her nest in my haberdashery. She didn't have an opinion one way or the other.
Actually, that wasn't the biggest dilemma I faced today. The real dilemma was weather I was brave enough to try to install the software for my new camera! I've been really scared of it.

I've been making a lace decolletage for my op shop Nana cardy (in Nana lavender), and listening to National Radio all morning. I should be gardening today because the weeds are popping up again, but it's soooo cold now, so I went for a walk in my red coat instead. I'll have to confess to Hubby about the weeds tonight, because I pledged to tackle them today. But there were provisos about the weather, having consulted the Taranaki Daily News while eating marmalade toast in bed. So he may be prepared for the weeds still being there...

So I went walking, and stopped in at all the op shops up the main street of Hawera, and found a few things that I might go back for at the end of the week. I have a system whereby I leave stuff there for a few days and if it's still there when I go back for it, well then it MUST be meant for me.

When I came home the Magpie Cat was very interested in the contents of my Nana bag. I left her to it and raced off to get my washing in before it rained.

This is the result of my quilt how-to from my last posting. I need to make a lot more squares yet, but go can see the effect I was after. I'll embellish it with more bits of doilie etc over the top too.

You guessed it! I installed the software successfully and my new camera is up and running!! I hope the quality of the pictures has improved. I still have to read the instructions. I'm scared of them too, but I'll get through them tonight during the boring bits in Coro, and hopefully it'll all just get better and better!
Thanks for calling in.


  1. Jacqui - I am soooo loving that lovely granny square bag you have there...woo wee! its sooo delightful and as for your lovely quilt that you are making....well, you are such a talented lass :)I love it, and I can't wait to see the end results.

    As to your camera dilema...try uninstalling it all again and then re-installing it...there might have been a blip somewhere - fingers crossed xx

    I am glad you love everything hun...keep well and look after that wonderful family of yours ;)

    Love H xx

  2. Thanks Happy, will do. Figured out that I can get the pictures out with the memory card anyway DOH!So all is not lost. xx


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