Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Cowboy.

I've been having a bit of a play around with my picture editing software, so forgive me if it's all a bit OTT at the moment. I expect the novelty will ware off eventually :P
As promised, here is makeover number two, with the vintage cowboy look. It's not CK fabric, but a similar, much cheaper version. Cath Kidston fabric is so expensive here because of the exchange rate. I think it's about $140 a metre, which is about 70 pounds UK.

This old clown is a childhood favourite, and will never be parted with. He was crocheted from an old pattern used for fetes and gala day novelties. He was bought for Callum at such a gala day/fete by my Great Auntie Beth.

Here he is again with Golly, who has a bit of an instability at c3/c4 and has to be very careful how he wobbles his neck!!! He was made by my Mum. She makes everyone a Golly, and laughs in the face of political correctness (or perhaps she just likes scaring little children?). She got really iffy about them taking Noddy books out of libraries in the 1980s too.

My Rosewood cottage quilt, which is way too girly and nothing to do with cowboys, but just needed a home, as did the dolly's pram. See my rabbit? It's the same as Vintage Vicki's one.

This is my Country Rows quilt. I may have mentioned that it took me three years to complete and I never want to see another bleeding needleturn ladybug EVER in my life again - EVER!
But I love it and it was worth the effort, really it was...

It's all very simple and minimal for Magpie Chic really, but I like it that way. And less is more for blokes really, when they have to endure cabbage roses and Cath Kidston and shabby chic everywhere else in the house I suppose.

Thanks for dropping in blogchics. See you next time.


  1. Love those old knitted toys, will have to introduce mine to blogland soon. I knit rabbits occaisionally, meant to sell or give them away but cant part with them. Mean I know but I love them!

  2. Found your blog through Stitcher's Showcase. You have some beautiful work here and I look forward to following your blog in future. Happy stitching, Shirley


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